Butchers Hill, Colorado

A small town with a storied history, somewhere between Boulder and Denver.

Beginning in the 1800s as a gold rush boomtown, the area has seen its share of peaks and valleys.

In the 1930s Butchers Hill boasted a thriving economy and robust tourist trade, but after the ’50s, the town’s fortunes again waned.

Lately, as the economy has improved, and more people need more places to live… Butchers Hill is seeing an era of re-gentrification… but, you know, this time keeping the ethnic flavor intact.


Steve used to work in an industrial capacity back in Baltimore. His passions are fine food, culture, and long naps in the afternoon.


Lucy is a person of adventure and aptitude.
She is creative and artistic but can be ruthlessly efficient when she needs. She is protective of the ones she cares for.
Lucy once had her own Combat Yoga studio back on the East Coast.

H.P. Loafcraft

Mr. Loaf was born in Providence, RI. He is a particular fellow of exacting tastes, and is often moody.
He drools frequently.

Other names by which he’s been known:
Loafy McLoaf-face
Dr. Loafenstein
H.R. Loafenstuff
The RMS Loafitania
Captain Loafpants
Sir Loaf-a-lot


The Old Man Skin-Hanger

The Old Man and Mr. Loaf are litter-mates; Steve & Lucy picked them up in 2009, back in Baltimore. However, the Old Man is his brother’s senior by about… a thousand years.

He’s seen empires rise and fall; he’s seen fads come and go. And come again. And again…

The Old Man has been though a great deal; in fact, when he was born, he was a full-sized panther… the past centuries have withered and worn him down to the tired specimen that he is. But he still carries his past, tattooed on his flesh like a Bayeux Tapestry hanging folded across his back.


Kitteh illustrations by Lucy