Q– Do you guys ever actually talk to each other? It seems you should already know the things you discuss on the podcast.
A– I know, right? It does seem that way… but our schedules are so different, and Lucy is pretty focused on her job right now… so sometimes the postcard is the only time we get to talk.

Q– Why is Steve afraid of hospitals?
A– [quiet whimpering]

Q– What are the anomalies?
A– The Veil of Sanity is a region of metastable geology, also known as ‘hyper geomorphology’. Basically, the topography is prone to migration. Sometimes locations switch, sometimes they spoon.

Q– How to listen?
A– I’d start with either ears, or some equally vibration-receptive organ/medium. You can subscribe (eventually) to the postcard through iTunes, or listen via SoundCloud.

Q– How long has Lucy been shooting skeet?
A– Pretty much as long as they’ve been around. They were developed up in Maine, but the environment there was inhospitable; they migrated down to the South West in the early 80’s, and Lucy has been plucking them out of the sky ever since.

Q– That doesn’t seem reasonable; I mean… wouldn’t that make her, like, 10 at the time? And you guys didn’t move out west until 2011 or so…

Q– ?
A– Look, buddy! You know so much about us! You write these!